Italy Hiking and Cooking Trip
April 3, 2014
It's been almost a year since my trip to Italy and I still daydream about it daily (you can read about it here!) There's magic here that simply must be experienced first hand. And I swear the moment I return (oh, I will return!), it'll be to follow Cambria's footsteps and partake in a hiking & cooking adventure. Have you ever heard of anything more wonderful? For more, head over to the gallery!
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From Cambria Grace... Last year, my mother surprised me by announcing we were going hiking in Italy. One of her friends, Kelly, organized trips along the Ligurian coast. Hike by day, eat and drink by night. We'd stay on the Mediterranean and there was a cooking class. I was in. Having just returned from the week long stay in Liguria, I can say that it did not disappoint. Every day was 75 degrees and sunny. We hiked along the coast in the morning and then dined out for lunch at our destination town (my favorite was San Fruttuoso). Since I am a wedding photographer by trade, I carried my favorite camera and lens (35mm) along with me. I know that I will treasure this trip forever and feel so grateful to have experienced such a beautiful region. Every day I said to my Mom: I can't believe people actually live here, they are so lucky. If you are visiting Italy, I highly recommend this area. If you are into hiking, beautiful tiny towns, fresh seafood and great people, you will love it.


SEE: Views along the hike to San Fruttuoso. The hike is challenging (there are chains involved), but ends in a stunning little cove with a beach and restaurants.
EAT: Pesto lasagne and vodka-lemon sorbet. Ravioli with walnut sauce. Focaccia. Pasta vongole. And gelato (my favorite is stracciatella). I could go on for days in this category.
SHOP: Remato Angi in Portofino. Beautiful (and affordable) leather clutches and handbags.
STAY: In any of the quaint towns along the Ligurian Coast. Make sure the train comes to town so you can get to and fro easily. If you prefer to be in the center of things, Portofino would be right up your alley.
DRINK: Bellinis. And limoncello. After every meal.
DO: Visit (and also eat at!) U Gianco, located in Rapallo, and take a cooking class with the incredibly talented Fausto.

If you'd like to join the amazing Kelly (our trip organizer) on one of her worldwide hiking adventures, her email is: publunch{at}gmail{dot}com