A Guide to Men's Fashion
March 27, 2014
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Despite the fact that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to men's fashion, I've come to realize that there's a lot I've been missing. I always figured that a good pair of jeans goes a long way, but there's so much more to it! Luckily I had the chance to sit down with the guys behind Tweeds Shop, and get schooled on all things men's fashion. Captured by Buffy Dekmar, there's more right here!
SMP: So tell us a little bit about TWEEDS!
TWEEDS began as a simple idea... to create an environment that welcomes guys to shop, socialize and build their personal style from every angle.

An equal mix of curation and friendly council, it's a place focused on individual needs. Allowing clients to define themselves, learn, and stand apart. With products from shirts to shoes, pens to pocket squares, and bags to BBQ rubs, it's more than a men’s shop - it is a trusted guide and outfitter for a well-woven life. We source the finest clothing, accessories and goods - manufactured with functionality, durability, and purpose in mind. TWEEDS carries numerous American made products, but keeps an overarching focus on handmade quality from shops, studios and craftsmen across the globe. We foster functional heirlooms with timeless design that will look, work, and wear well for years to come.
SMP: If you had to choose, what are the 5 things that every man should have in his closet?
1) Navy Blazer
2) Great fitting dark selvedge jeans
3) Comfortable flat front chinos
4) A classic white oxford
5) A pair of cordovan loafers
SMP: What's the one thing in your own closet that you absolutely can't live without?
A great pair of broken in jeans, not pre-distressed, but broken in by personal wear.
SMP: The number one fashion must-have for men this season?
Our new TWEEDS yachting button down, in premium light weight cotton, goes great with shorts, jeans and chinos. It is a warm weather essential for every man’s closet.
SMP: What about fashion accessory? Anything on your radar this Spring?
The accessory that is on our radar is our new TWEEDS weekender and messenger bags. We designed them in vintage silhouettes, from full grain leather and hearty four season wools.
SMP: Do you have any predictions on the next big trend in mens fashion?
We see guys moving away from the overly low rise waist and “painted on” pants to a more classic yet still tailored fit, tapered but not tight. A classic pair of pants that can go from work to an evening out, and be paired with a favorite t-shirt on the weekend.
SMP: One thing that instantly refreshes ones wardrobe?
A pair of polished of shoes or proper tailoring on some favorite pieces always freshens things up.
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SMP: Your biggest fashion pet-peeve?
Not mixing patterns and genres. We love to mix formal, preppy and workwear - think your favorite denim work shirt with a great suit. Layering patterns, a bold pocket square with a simple patterned shirt or sport coat, is a great way to have fun without looking over done.

SMP: When it comes to fashion, what's one rule you always follow?
Be yourself, style is what you make of it, but if you’re confident in what you wear and how you wear it - then you’re doing it well.

SMP: And what's one rule you prefer to ignore?
No white after labor day! We dress by the weather not the fashion calendar. If it’s cool we’ll wear corduroy, ff it warm, we will wear white. If the day’s name ends in a “Y” we’re probably wearing Gingham.