DIY Cocoa Bath Soak
March 26, 2014
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I may be prepared for the warmth that's to come, but I'm afraid that my skin is not. It's been a long, dry winter and my legs are anything but ready for shorts! I've been on the hunt for natural remedies that'll leave my skin feeling gleaming and soft, and I think that I may have found just the thing: Classy Clutter's bath soak. Bonus: it's made with stuff you likely have on hand, and smells delicious to boot!
1 cup epsom Salt (for injuries, constipation relief, body aches & cramps)
1 cup coarse Sea Salt (for insomnia, eczema and reduced stress)
1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder (clears skin & keeps you hydrated)
2 cups powdered whole milk
1/2 cup cornstarch (soothes and relieves dry, itchy skin)
1/2 cup baking soda (softens skin)
Printable labels
Two 500 mL glass jars with lids


step-1In a bowl, mix together salt, sea salt and unsweetened cocoa powder. Set aside.

step-2 In a separate bowl, mix together powered milk, cornstarch and baking soda

step-3Layer the cocoa mixture and milk mixture in your glass jars until all ingredients have been used (this creates the fun striped effect!)

step-4Print out the label, glue or stick it on to your jar and enjoy!