DIY Succulent Garden + How to Take Care of Succulents
March 21, 2014
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Don't get me wrong flowers are my thing, but lately I love making succulent gardens. I recently made about 20 gardens for my client, Alden & Harlow and now I find myself making them for everyone I know! You can see a few of the creations here, and find more floral inspiration over at Wildfolk Studio.
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I like to use unique vessels for my succulent gardens and for this project I found this local antique wood box. Here's how to make your very own:

MaterialsWood box
Wood sealant or a sheet of plastic (a large ziploc bag will work!)
Fresh soil
A selection of succulents

directionsstep-1You will want to clean out the box of any old dust from sitting around the antique shop. Just wipe down with a damp paper towel

step-2If you're using a wood box like we are here, you will want to waterproof it to prevent water damage to the box. There are a couple was to do this. The first, go to your local hardware store and by wood sealant. Give the box a quick coat on the inside and wait for it to completely dry.

The second way is to us plastic on the inside of the box. Simple cut a large ziploc bag to size and place it in the box before adding your soil. Make sure the plastic is cute below the top of the container so you can't see it.

step-3Fill the antique box about three quarters of the way with fresh soil. Then create wells where you want to place your succulents.

step-4Remove your succulents from their plastic containers, then remove most of the dirt from around the roots, while keeping the roots intact. Place roots into the well you created and pat down to secure. Repeat until your garden is complete.

I like to mix texture and height in my succulent gardens to add visual interest. And if possible a pop of color, like I did here with the cacti!


- Unlike flowers, succulents thrive in dry, warm places drenched in sunlight.
- For indoor gardens, green succulents are the best, the greener the better.
- It's possible to drown your succulents, so don't over water them. Give them a little water, then wait for the soil to dry before watering them again.