DIY Knit Infinity Scarf
March 21, 2014
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So now that we've covered the basics of knitting, we're well equipped to tackle our first project. The knit infinity scarf is all the rage these days. And though it may look complicated, we assure you it's not. With your new skillset, you'll be comfy cozy in your sparkling new loop scarf in no time flat! Plus? How awesome would these be as gifts? Filled with love (and a fraction of the cost)!
Materials2 skeins of thick wool yarn
Size 15 knitting needles
Yarn needle

step-1Cast on 22 stitches.
step-2Knit the stockinette stitch until the length of the section is as long as it is wide (a square). You can measure with a ruler or just eyeball it by folding the knit section on the diagonal until both sides are even.
step-3Repeat the last row you just knit (purl if you purled, knit if you knit) and continue the stockinette stitch. This should reverse the pattern so that the stockinette side of the scarf has switched to the other side. Continue knitting this section until it is as long as it is wide. Repeat until you have used all the yarn in your 2 skeins, except for about 20" at the end. This should be about 7 squares.
step-4Cast off the last square and trim the excess yarn. Thread the yarn needle with the remaining yarn. Tie a knot at one end and sew the last square to the first square. Tie another knot, trim excess yarn, and tuck the strands back into the scarf.
step-5The edges of the stockinette naturally curl. In this scarf it will be less noticeable because you are looping it around the neck. If you like, you can iron the curled edges of the scarf to straighten them, and enjoy your new loop scarf!


Photography: Ruth Eileen