Spring Brunch + Floral DIY
March 20, 2014
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Today marks the official day of Spring, and we're all beyond excited about this development. I feel confident when I say that none of us are sad to see Winter go! To celebrate? A fresh, seasonally-infused brunch from Dana Worlock of course. One peek through the gallery, captured by Rikki Snyder, and I guarantee your day will feel a whole lot lighter, and a whole lot brighter.
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From Rikki... I wanted to share with you all this beautiful spring time brunch tablescape that floral designer Dana Worlock and I put together. The concept behind our tablescape was to create unique floral arrangements with spring buds in mixed and matched vessels that you may already have on hand, or can pick up for dime at a flea market. We used these milk glass pieces, including the large and small vase, and creamer and sugar set that I purchased at one my favorite antique stores. The rest of the dishware was pulled from Dana's china cabinet. We mixed and matched to create an eye-catching brunch backdrop for only a few bucks.


Spring. A fabulous brunch spread & now a floray DIY? I'm wondering how we got so lucky. Sweet Dana has agreed to share her steps to achieving your very own Spring-time arrangement:

Clear floral tape
Sharp knife for cutting
A Sharpie
Small metal tins
The Blooms:
Dogwood Branches
Flat of grass


step-1Take a peek through your china cabinet and pick out pieces that you can use to hold your flowers. It can be anything from a vase to a creamer and sugar set like we’ve used here. We opted for four milk glass pieces.

step-2In the largest vessel, use the bigger blooms like the white peonies and paperwhites. Start by filling it 3/4 of the way full with cold water. Cut the stems at an angle to your desired height and place them in the vase to fill out the arrangement. Turn the vase as you go to make sure everything looks good. Fill in any empty gaps with snippets of paperwhites. Don’t be afraid to cut them at different heights to create a natural, ‘messy’, asymmetrical look.

step-3For the smaller vase, start with daintier blooms. Dana used one long piece of plumosus that hangs way over the edges of the vase. She then added one bud of green hellebores to the arrangement and kept it super simple to contrast the other pieces. For the smallest vessels, like the sugar and creamer, Dana used strips of clear floral tape over the top opening. She placed them in an asterisk shaped pattern. This helps to keep the shorter stems inside the vessel. Start with a base of green plumosus by placing a small piece in each of the sections made by the floral tape. Then add twigs of dogwood, making sure they stand taller than the plumosus. Then top the arrangement off by adding the green and pink ranunculus, trim the stems short enough so only the blooms are showing in the arrangement.

step-4The last arrangement we created in the creamer, is a mix of plumosus (used as the
base again) and sprigs of hellebores. Keeping everything at different heights creates this natural, wild look.

step-5As accents to the arrangements, we included these small tins filled with grass. Taking one of your tins, trace the opening of the top with a sharpie onto the bottom of the flat of grass. Use a sharp knife to cut through the roots and take out the circle shape of grass. Place it snugly into the tin, hiding the roots and only showing the grass. Water these daily.

step-6To arrange these on your table, start with the tallest arrangement in the middle and the shorter ones on the ends. Stagger the tins of grass throughout the arrangements across the table. Look back through your china cabinet and pick dish-ware that match with the color scheme of your arrangements. Dana also added in the little green tractor and white votive candleholders to give the table a nice personal touch!


Photography: Rikki Snyder | Floral Design: Dana Worlock | Video: Willa Kammerer