DIY No-Sew Two Tone Curtains
March 18, 2014
You may have spotted these babies on the Today Show this morning (yes, we were on again. Yes, we're pinching ourselves again!) These no-sew two toned curtains are the perfect project for the anti-crafty. Because all you need is some beautiful fabric of your choice and a hot iron. You heard right - it's seriously that simple!
2 yards of colored fabric (we used this)
(2) 52" wide white curtains
Fusible fabric tape
Sewing pins
Fabric measuring tape

step-1Iron the colored fabric and cut into (2) 54" x 30" pieces.

step-2Iron the curtain panels and spread the bottom of one panel out on a large flat surface, either a big table or a clean floor.

step-3Cut the fusible tape into (4) 52" pieces and (4) 28" pieces and place one 52" piece along the bottom of the curtain.

step-4Place the colored fabric on top of the curtain bottom, centering it so that about an inch hangs off on each side.

step-5 Fold the edge of the colored fabric underneath to match the edge of the curtain bottom and pin in place. Pin the length of the bottom edge first, then fold under and pin each side (make sure to put down a strip of 28" fusible tape first). Smooth the fabric as you go to keep everything even. Finally place a strip of 52" fusible tape under the top edge of colored fabric, 28" from the bottom of the curtain. You may want to measure here so that the line is perfectly even. Fold the colored fabric under and pin to the curtain.

step-6Dampen a piece of fabric or a thin towel and place on top of the pinned hem. Press the iron down without moving for 10 seconds or so to steam set the fusible tape. Continue steaming until all the edges are sealed, re-wetting the cloth as you go. Remove the pins.

step-7Repeat steps 4-6 on the second curtain panel, then hang your curtains & enjoy!