DIY No-Sew Dog Bed
March 18, 2014
Those of you who don't own a dog may not know this, but I came to the realization rather abruptly a few years back: dogs beds are expensive. To the point that I strongly considered simply letting our furry friend sleep on the couch. I'm not sure if that makes me cheap or realistic, but any which way I adore this DIY. It's super easy, super adorable, and I guarantee your pup (and couch) will love you for it!
1 yard fabric of your choice (we used this)
1 yard fabric for trim (we used this)
4 yards cotton piping cord
Fusible tape
Pillow stuffing
Fabric measuring tape
Sewing pins

step-1Cut the fabric into 2 layers of 25" x 29" (or whatever size you deem appropriate for your pooch) and set aside.

step-2Cut the trim fabric into 2" strips until you have 4 yards worth in length.

step-3Wrap the trim fabric around the piping cord, so that the cord is tucked in the fold of the fabric there is an extra 1/2" or so of fabric hanging off. Place the fusible tape between the two layers of fabric hanging off the cord and pin together. Continue wrapping and pinning cord until the length of the cord is covered.

step-4Place a damp piece of fabric or thin towel on top of the cord and press the iron onto fabric & cord and let it sit for 10 seconds without sliding to seal the fusible tape. Try to press the edge of the iron as close the cord as possible so it is tightly wrapped in fabric. Continue steaming the fabric together down the length of cord, then remove the pins.
step-5 Cut (2) 25" lengths of fusible tape and (2) 29" lengths of fusible tape and line them around the outer edge of one layer of fabric (printed side up).

step-6Place the fabric piping on top of the fusible tape so the piping faces the center of the pillow and the edge of the piping lines up with the edge of the fabric. Pin in place. At the corners, cut a diagonal in the extra fabric of the piping so that the cord will turn 90°. Steam 3 sides, remove those pins, and leave the fourth side untouched.

step-7Place another set of fusible tape strips on top of the piping, then layer the second layer of fabric on top (printed side down). Pin the 3 sides and steam them, leaving the fourth side untouched. Remove the pins.

step-8Flip the pillow inside out. Stuff with stuffing until pillow reaches desired fluffiness.

step-9Lay down the final strip of fusible tape on top of the piping for the fourth side. Fold down the open edge of fabric and pin to the fusible tape & piping. Steam this side shut by steaming first on one side of the pillow, and then the other. Remove the pins and let your pup settle in!


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