DIY Fretwork Mirror
March 18, 2014
So this next DIY project is definitely more labour intensive than those of SMP Living's past, but we all strongly feel that any additional effort is more than well worth it. And though it takes a bit of patience and a bit of precision to complete this masterpiece, it's not totally unreasonable or over-the-top difficult. And the results? Well they're simply beyond!
White paint
2" paint brush
Small paint brush
(4) square balsa wood sticks (3/8" x 3/8" x 36")
(4) thin balsa wood sticks (3/8" x 3/16" x 36")
Utility knife
Super glue
Painter's tape

step-1Tape the edges of the mirror with painter's tape. Paint the wooden frame of the mirror white and let dry.

step-2Paint the balsa wood sticks white on all sides and let dry.

step-3Cut (2) 21" and (2) 15.5" sticks from the square balsa wood sticks and super glue those around the wood frame of the mirror.

step-4Cut the thin balsa wood into (2) 21" sticks, (2) 11.5" sticks, (20) 1.5" sticks, (4) 2" sticks, (4) 1/2" sticks, and (2) 4" sticks. Lay out the pieces in the pattern to ensure they all fit, making adjustments as needed. Super glue each piece to each other and to the mirror and let dry.

step-5Use the small paint brush to paint any unpainted cut ends and let dry. Hang your mirror & enjoy!