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March 12, 2014
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We grabbed a peek at Caitlin's home when we chatted with her during her Behind the Blog post, but we obviously couldn't let her amazing space pass us by without taking a closer look. Bonus: there's a few not-so-subtle appearances from her adorable terrier.  Home tours + puppy sightings in one happy place? It's how we roll around here. Captured by Love By Serena, there's a whole lot more right here!
Prior to moving into this apartment, my boyfriend Trevor and I were living separately in different cities. I had gotten rid of the majority of my furniture when we moved, so most of what we had was furniture from Trevor's "bachelor pad" in college. I'm lucky that he has really good taste, so while I already liked (most) of what he had, it was a challenge to make the space feel like both of us. His style is more modern than mine, and while I don't consider mine traditional necessarily, I do like a few traditional elements here and there for a hint of formality, as well antique/vintage pieces that add "soul" to the space. Quite a few of the pieces were designed and built by Trevor himself, so it feels really special to have those pieces in our first home together. This room is one that I know will continue to change and evolve the longer we live here - it's never quite finished!
Trevor, installed this shelf from Pottery Barn, and it serves as the perfect entry table for us. The size is just right for the space, and the stools underneath are perfect to provide extra seating at our dining table which is only a few steps away!
Our kitchen is probably the biggest eyesore in this rental. It's actually pretty large so we decided to carve an office space out of the breakfast table area, and put the dining table in the living room instead. Outside of that, we just tried to brighten it up a bit (it's the darkest corner of the house) with some cute accessories that bring a little extra "happy" to our everyday. Even though the office is just off the kitchen, I wanted it to feel as separate as possible, so I added this amazing removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper to help distinguish it from the rest of the room. The storage bins from IKEA are perfect to house my fabric samples and catalogs, as well as extra props for photo shoots. We also opted for a dining table from Ikea rather than a desk, that way we could fit in a second workspace if needed. In the end, it's the perfect little nook for me to work on projects and get inspired.
Our bedroom (which is actually open to the living room) is pretty small in size so we have just the necessities in here. A small side table, our bed, lighting, and a dresser. It's casual and comfortable, and serves as the perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day.
I'm sure you get the sense from the photos that our bathroom is tiny. There is so little room for storage, but at least it's charming! Adding a wall shelf gave us an additional place to keep some of our (prettier) toiletries which freed up some room in the medicine cabinet for the not-so-pretty things.
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Blog/Design: Caitlin Creative | Photography: Love by Serena

Entry Shelf: Pottery Barn | Entryway Stools: Target  | Clock: DIY | Paris Photograph: The Everygirl Shop | Dish for Keys: Anthropologie

Sofa: Ikea // Coffee Table: designed and built by Trevor Timson // Living Room Shelves: Ikea // Bar: Vintage // Bar Tray: Target // Corner Entryway Chair: designed and built by Trevor Timson // Anters: Home Goods // Media Credenza: designed and built by Trevor Timson // Plycraft Chair: Craigslist // Rug: Target // Living Room Lamp:Lulu and Georgia // Ampersand pillow: Crate & Barrel // Wingback Chair: Ikea // Dining Table: CB2 // Sugar Bowl: Crate and Barrel // Cow Creamer Dish: Trohv 

Bed: Ikea // Duvet: West Elm // Throw Pillow: Vintage // Dresser: Vintage // Mirror: Ikea // Bedroom Painting: Thrift Store // Bedroom Rug: Ikea // Bedroom Floor Lamp: Ikea // Bedroom Table Lamp: Lulu and Georgia // Bedroom Side Table: CB2 //

Bathroom Shelving: Ikea // Bathroom Print: Framed Card from Papyrus // Glass for Toothbrushes: Anthropologie

Kitchen Cart: Ikea // Kitchen Rug: Target // Gingham Cups: Trohv // Dog Bowls: Home Goods

Office Wallpaper: Chasing Paper // Office Chrome Shelving: Ikea // Office Storage Bins: Ikea // Desk: Ikea // Desk Chairs: Amazon // Success Isn't Easy Print: The Everygirl Shop