Behind the Blog with Caitlin Creative
March 12, 2014
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So Caitlin, the genius behind the blog Caitlin Creative, is a bit of a legend around these parts. You pretty much can't utter her name without a bunch of us getting all fan girly. And honestly? It's for good reason. Because she's bright, and she's sweet, and so freaking talented I pretty much can't stand it! Plus? She's "here" today *cue squeals*. Captured by Love By Serena, there's a whole lot more right here!
SMP: So tell us a little about your blog:
Caitlin: Caitlin Creative has evolved a lot since it first began four years ago. At the time that it started, I was actually in college studying Acting at a conservatory program in the midwest. My schedule was so busy, and I found myself really craving "the little things" in life that I felt like I never had time for. At that point, my blog was really a place for me to reflect and have my own space to connect to life outside of being an artist. When I ended up deciding to leave the conservatory, it really became my space to test out the waters and find inspiration again. One day I just couldn't shake the urge to create something, so I walked down the street to a local thrift store and bought a few pieces for my dorm room and just rearranged everything. It was so rewarding and something I just became addicted to. Now, my blog is a place for me to share projects I'm working on, and also reflect on what it means to be building a business in your twenties.
SMP: Why do you think Caitlin Creative has done so well?
Caitlin: I think my years of being in the theatre world have made me extremely comfortable talking about my personal ups and downs, failures and accomplishments. I bring that into my blog a lot. Even though I have made so many amazing friends and connections through blogging, I still feel like that girl who sat down to post one day in the hopes that she'd find what she was meant to do. This is all such a journey and I'm still at the beginning. It can feel like there's a learning curve for every little thing in your twenties, and I think my readers feel like they can relate to me in that aspect.
SMP: What would you tell someone who’s considering starting a blog?
Caitlin: Try not to start with a preconceived notion of what you want it to be, because it will evolve into exactly what it's meant to. It's amazing to seek inspiration from the bloggers you already love and admire, but at the end of the day, it's your little space to call your own, so keep it that way.

SMP: One thing you wish you knew when starting your blog?
Caitlin: Know that a blog can be a different thing for so many individuals. For some (like me) it's a catalyst to launch a career, for some it IS their career, for others it's an outlet to make friends in a new city. Try not to focus on having the same path as someone else. Whatever your journey is - it's perfect.
SMP: Your favorite quote that describes your creative process?
Caitlin: My college acting professor used to always say "be where you are, not where you think you should be." I always repeat that to myself when I start to get impatient with a project.

SMP: What's your best tip for balancing work and personal life?
Caitlin: I could stand to take my own advice, but try not to muddle the two whenever possible. When you're working, work hard. When you're off duty, don't toil in a mistake you made or a bad email you received. I love that quote that says "Giving yourself time to live will only inspire your work." Step away from your desk. Go for a walk. Have lunch with a friend instead of your computer. You will feel so much more inspired and refreshed, and it will reflect in your work.
SMP: As a stylist and designer, what are three things every home should have?
Caitlin: Almost any space looks better with plants, candles, and good lighting.

SMP: What design trend do you think will stand the test of time?
Caitlin: Layering - mixing textures, metals, patterns, and woods.
SMP: Where do you see yourself in five years?
Caitlin: I love this question because daydreaming is one of my favorite things to do. Honestly? Who knows! I hope to own a house, have an office space for my business, maybe a design assistant, and continue to be just as inspired and excited to work on my projects as I am now. I'd love to be comfortable and confident in my design process but still be learning everyday. Married and well-traveled would be great, too.
SMP: The best advice you’ve ever received?
Caitlin: My granny once said to "bloom where you're planted" and I've never forgotten it.

SMP: Your most prized possession?
Caitlin: I've moved so much over the years that I've never become too attached to physical things, but our dining table is actually really special to me. Trevor and I bought it together when I was living in Chicago and he was still in Cincinnati, knowing that we wanted it to be in our apartment one day. It always reminds me of that really exciting time in our lives when we weren't quite sure what was going to come next, but could dream of all the possibilities.


Blog: Caitlin Creative | Photography: Love by Serena