DIY Herb Garden Pots
March 11, 2014
At just $1.99 per plant pot, this is one DIY that feels like a no brainer. It's amazing how a little white paint can totally and completely transform such a simple object. And by playing with different levels of opacity, layering on that paint will allow you to achieve this marbled look for less than the cost of your morning cup of coffee. That, right there, is a win as far as I'm concerned!
MaterialsClay herb pots
Foam paintbrush
White acrylic paint

step-1Mix white acrylic paint with a little water in a cup. Paint the top and bottom of the pot white, leaving a thin organic line of the pot exposed in the center.

step-2Paint on more layers of white until desired brightness is achieved. Play with more transparent and more opaque layers of white to give a very organic, cloudy feeling to the texture.

step-3Paint the inside and top rim of the pot white and let dry.

step-4Plant herb of your choice in the pot and enjoy!


Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography