DIY Foraged Florals & Gold Vase
March 11, 2014
This month’s foraging  excursion was as fun as ever! We kept it a little light-hearted with a nod to a St. Patty’s Day table arrangement. But truly, it’s just as beautiful to keep these rhodies (that’s what we call rhododendrons for short), and dried hydrangea in a vase around your house all year long. Having fresh greens around is sure to boost your winter blues!
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We also brought you two super fun DIYs. The first DIY is a simple way to spruce up your average glass vases you have lying around the house with a little gold (or whatever color you fancy) for the bottom half. The second DIY was our fun experiment with dying dried hydrangea. Feel free to try it with some other fleurs, it doesn't just have to be the hydrangea!


washi tape
paint brush

directionsstep-1 Tape around your vase where you want the line of the color to end

step-2 Paint 2-3 coats of your desired color around the vase

step-3 Lift tape from the glass---this is VERY IMPORTANT to do before the paint drys the tape to the glass

step-4Let the paint dry overnight


MaterialsForaged hydrangea
Rit Dye
Big glass vase or bucket

directionsstep-1 Pour warm water in with the dye and stir well (read instructions on the back of the bottle)

step-2 Dunk the desired flower into the dye

step-3Let dry overnight


Now go on, get out there and forage...and make your own gorgeous March arrangement. Please don’t forget to share with us, we love seeing your projects! See you next month for a very exciting Spring Forage! xo, Becca + Molly