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March 10, 2014
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I was the girl that hoarded her Domino Mags. That saved them up until Sunday morning so that I could devour each and every scrap of each and every page, coffee in hand, with no interruptions. I actually cried when they announced their closing. BUT. Domino is back baby and guess whose home is gracing the glossies? This girl! Head on over to Domino for more on our At Home with Color feature!! And more behind the scenes on instagram!
Living rooms in New England tend to have a bit of a formal feel. Where the grown-ups drink brandy and entertain their friends with nothing but a roaring fireplace. It sounds lovely in theory but in reality - that is SO not how Tait and I use our home. Our house is small enough - 2400 square feet - to where we really have to put each space to good use. We wanted our living room to feel a touch more grown-up than our spunky family room, but still have a big ole TV on the wall, a place to kick up your feet and a sense of "ahhhh" built into every nook and cranny.
I am a big believer in layering old with new, found with purchased. So Suzanne and Lauren discovered details that would fit with the oddities that I already had - like my grandfather's artwork that I have treasured forever - a sculpture of a man's lips and a nude sketch that he did during art school.
Of all of the pieces in this room, my "save in a fire moment" is definitely the portrait of the girl that Rebecca Simon painted. It set the tone for the entire space and every time I walk past it I get little bits of butterflies. I'm also super obsessed with the gorgeous coffee table that Lauren & Suzanne found with the dozens of books that grace it's top. To be honest, this room is actually still evolving. The painting above the fireplace didn't stick for some reason so we are still scouting out finding the perfect showstopper. And we've changed out the floral pillows on the two large chairs as well. We've added a bit more pink (shocker) and some new books to our coffee table. It's an ever evolving space but to us, that is the beauty of building a home.

The girls at Foret - one of our favorite floral designers - brought in all of the fresh blooms to take our new pretty home to a new level of lovely. They have single handedly taught me that not everything I love comes in the shape of a peony or an anemone and beauty for the home can be in the sweetest and simplest of blooms. Since this shoot, we have tried to keep fresh flowers in the house weekly...for us, it's a splurge well worth taking.
My favorite room in the house. Our dining room. We originally had a smaller crystal chandelier in here but the moment Suzanne and Lauren laid eyes on the one in the was all over. We moved the smaller chandy to the kitchen nook and proudly hung this beauty.
I was super nervous about the yellow chairs with the gray walls and burlap style drapes but I was SO wrong. This works. And is exactly why I hired a designer. Because they had no hangups or preconceived notions about the space that I called home and could design with abandon.
The entry hall that connects our family room with our living room is one of the best transformations in the house. Lauren and Suzanne found this AMAZE faux bois wallpaper that kills me. It's so gorgeous. And together with the vintage bench in that fabulous fabric, it's such a statement room.
Another confession. The rug was used for staging. Not mine. Just something to brighten up the space that Lauren & Suzanne (and a lot of other people since it debuted in the mag) loved. But for me, it wasn't a match.  It was just too much color and sort of reminded me of the primary colors that I'm getting so tired of with our kid-stuff (gasp). But the sweet table (literally bought at target for like $99) with the handmade table cover is all pretty and definitely holds its own in the space. The mirror was handmade and is a gorgeous whitewashed blue that feels both old and new at the exact same time.
I wish you guys could have seen the look of pure joy that my 5 year old Audrey had when she opened up the magazine. She's been the star of her fair share of photoshoots on this blog but she shares my love for magazines and all things print (she literally carries her American Girl "magazine" around with her everywhere) so seeing her cute little mug sitting on our stairs in mommy's favorite magazine ever? It was a good day in Audrey-land.
Our family room is teeny tiny. And it's probably the most used room in the house. Because it's where my kids watch movies, set up their legos and play with their toys. We wanted this space to reflect the absolutely adorable personalities of our two little ones - while simultaneously being able to hold up to the yucky chocolate covered hands that they often plop down on the sofa with. Plus, we wanted it to be pretty enough so that Tait and I could really kick back. I love, love, love the way this room turned out...with pops of color and all out happiness in every corner. Beyond perfection.
The art in this room was kept colorful and all revolved around the Rebecca Simon portrait that our designers found. I loved it from the moment I saw it and wanted to sprinkle down the colors within to each and every detail of our space. We added in pieces from Jill Parisi and Patricia Spergel and the result feels youthful but still timeless and beautiful. Confession - I ended up not keeping the image of the little girl's dress - I replaced it with a piece that my daughter painted. Feels more personal and makes me smile every single day.
My daughter's room is pink. Like pink from head to toe. The bed is actually a canopy bed that my daughter begged me to have but as she's gotten older, we discovered that by just removing the canopy, the structure mimics a modern four poster bed and we sort of loved it. Art by IKEA, a pink rug from Land of Nod and some fabulous bedding - just for the shoot because these sheets are like a gazillion dollars - and the room was photo ready.
My son's room was a definitely fly by the seat of our pants, get it ready fast for our Domino shoot type of project. Because the sweet baby literally didn't have more than a crib in his room until about a day before the shoot. Jess - our in house DIYer actually painted some sailboats that we framed and the boats on his dresser were a super fun DIY (you can see both in the video). Once I get a picture of them, we'll share the how-to. The huge dolphin was a Homegoods score and the little train rug belonged to Tait when he was little. The diamond rug is by West Elm.

Although the issue of Domino magazine is all about color, my bedroom is the one room in my house that I allowed my love of white to reign queen. I think people look prettier in white sheets, the world is calmer amidst a white palette and the perfect place to give your eyes a little rest is where you lay your head each night. The sketch above the bed is a horse that my grandfather made - a sketch that my niece and I have fought over for years because we both love it so much. I've decided that when she gets her first grown-up apartment, she gets to keep it. The sheets are our luxury item in this room - a gift from Crane & Canopy and the most perfect sheets that ever existed.

So that's all folks! Make sure you poke through the gallery for a few bonus images too that we sort of love!
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Our home "makeover" would not have been possible without the genius of mother & daughter duo, Suzanne & Lauren McGrath of Good Bones, Great Pieces. The girls very gently forced me out of my all white comfort zone and encouraged me to embrace color in a way that I never had before. They also have an incredible eye for one of a kinds and managed to pepper our house with incredible, forever treasured pieces. So much love to you girls!

For sources and such, check out and pick up your own copy on sale now!!