Abby Larson's Home (the Before) + Domino Magazine
March 10, 2014
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About a year ago, I got a bit of top secret information. We're talking life changing information people. Domino Magazine was coming back to life. I know. I know! Oh and it gets better. Michelle Adams and Robert Leleux - the innovators heading the Domino Resurrection - wanted MY home to be a part of their second issue. Imagine me falling off the sofa, coffee coming out of my nose. Fast forward a few months and voila, our At Home with Color feature is both in print and in lights on! And more behind the scenes on instagram!
You see we had recently completed a much needed redesign on our sea of beige home with the lovely and oh so talented designers + bloggers - Lauren and Suzanne McGrath of Good Bones, Great Pieces - and when the girls let Robert & Michelle know, well, the revered magazine gurus knew the mother daughter design pair so well that they said yes to our home on the spot.

Before we get to the complete home tour (coming up next) I though we'd share a little bit of the "before." Which isn't so much a before as it is a never really been done. When we moved into our home three years ago, it was like this amazing, soon to be masterpiece. Where every wall screamed for something special and I would finally get to transition out of our hand-me-downs and into our forever pieces. Little did I know, as quickly as I can make decisions with other people's design woe's, I was at a stalemate with my own home. And I was very, very opposed to anything with color.
Enter Lauren & Suzanne. The mother daughter duo behind Good Bones, Great Pieces, who know a thing or two about color and who base their entire perspective on timeless pieces that you can carry from home to home. Which is exactly what I needed. Because if I was going to be ditching the furniture that I had carried with me since my early 20's, you better believe that it was going to be money well spent. On pieces that I could love and use and repurpose forever and ever. That I could layer with color and truly, truly love.

Coming up next, our complete home tour as seen in Domino!!