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Tips on Choosing Art for Your Home
March 5, 2014
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Hello SMP-ers! It's Lauri from The Moms Project and today we're introducing Tara Hirshberg, a mom, an art curator and a jewelry designer who finds inspiration anywhere, in the grandest experiences and in the completely mundane. Tara has built her eye and career on the art of balance and simplicity. And today she gives us her best insight on where to see art and how to purchase your favorite pieces. xoxo, Lauri of The Mom's Project.
From Tara…I’ve spent most of my life trying to blend creativity and business. My jobs in college centered around food, clothing and advertising until finally I found gallery life. I started as a gallery receptionist when I was 23 and opened my own gallery (Sandroni Rey) in Los Angeles when I was 28. I ran the gallery, with a partner, for 12 years and only closed it after having my second son. I handled most of the secondary sales at the gallery and it was a natural transition into being a private curator for the families I’d been working with for years. I started The Art Advisory, which manages and curates private art collections, in 2010.
In terms of our home, we went with warm minimalism. Most houses that look like ours are unwelcoming to kids. To mess. To chaos. We wanted a house that was clean and minimal but also casual and familial. It's in the details. The way the house offers a place for everything that needs to happen in it.
My inspiration is the art of balance and simplicity. The most beautiful abstract paintings exists because the artist knew what to leave out. It takes a lot of discipline to make things look simple.
I travel all over the world to meet artists and view their art, but art is everywhere. The more experience you have going to galleries and museums, the easier time you will have determining what you like and how art affects you.
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Art Fairs are a great way to see a lot of art at once as well, but they can be overwhelming too so it is always good to do them over the course of a few days. My favorites include The Armory and Frieze in NYC, Frieze London, Art Basel Miami Beach and Art Basel, Switzerland.


1. It might sound cliché but you have to love what you buy and buy what you love. That having been said, the art world can feel a bit opaque to a beginning collector so don’t be afraid to get some guidance. A good advisor should be able to make the process easy. There is also a ton of information available so get informed.

2. Some people only buy art to fill certain spaces and that’s it but it makes such a difference when you rotate your collection. I re-hang the house at least twice a year. It’s transformative, for both the work and the space.

3. Kids are never too young to start looking at and living with art. Art is like a language. The earlier you learn to speak it the better.

As you can see Tara's taste are impeccable. To see how Tara reflects her philosophies and tastes in her incredible fashions and life at home continue on to The Moms Project. xoxo, Lauri Levenfeld + The Mom's Project

Pieces From Tara's Collection: Large 3 Part Photograph by Barbara Probst | Large Scale Spin Painting is by Damien Hirst | Applause Sign is by Jack Pierson | Large Canvas of Boy in Chair by Jorg Lozek | Prada Marfa piece is by Elmgreen and Dragset | Geisha Painting is by iona rozeal brown | The Marilyns by Andy Warhol | That’s All Folks is by Marc Dean Veca | Painting of the two girls (upstairs) by Henning Kles | Painting of the girl by Ian McClean