DIY Floor Poufs
March 5, 2014
To say I'm excited about this next DIY would be the understatement of the century. Do you know how many times us SMP girls have requested our in house crafter to break-out her DIY skills on those kind of pricey but oh so fabulous floor poufs that you see everywhere? Probably about a million. I'm sure she obliged, if only to allow us to get on with our lives. And check out the rest of our DIYS here!
MaterialsIkea Stockholm rug
Foam bead filler
Sewing machine
White thread

step-1Fold the rug in half lengthwise so there are two layers of rug.

step-2Measure out (2) 22.5” squares and (4) 12.5”x22.5” rectangles. Cut each piece out of both layers of rug- you’ll end up with double the number of squares and rectangles.

step-3Sew the rectangles to each side of one square piece.

step-4Sew each rectangle to each other to form the walls of the pouf.

step-5 Sew a second square piece to three of the rectangle pieces, leaving the fourth side open.

step-6Flip the pouf pieces inside out and stuff with foam filler. If you think you’ll want to wash the pouf cover from time to time, sew a zipper into the fourth side and keep your foam filler in plastic bags so you can easily remove the cover. Otherwise, you can just sew the fourth side closed.

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography  | Inspired by: West Elm poufs