A Mid-Century Modern Nursery
March 3, 2014
For those of you whom are in search of a few minutes of peace, I think you've come to the right place. This mid-century inspired nursery, captured by Ashleigh Peak, is quietly peaceful and just so pretty. Within it you'll find no unnecessary adornments, pops of bright colour in just the right places, and potentially the cutest baby I ever did see. For more baby loveliness, click on over right here.
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From Ashleigh... Michael and Jacqueline are artists and designers living in their beautifully restored Mid-Century Modern home in Memphis, TN. Michael is the owner of nationally-acclaimed Loaded For Bear design firm and Jacqueline moonlights at Anthropologie, so good design and aesthetic are of high priority to them. When they were seeking out a photographer, it was important that the photographs were lifestyle, and also shot on film, as Michael is a film aficionado. They recently added a new addition to their family, baby Lily, and I was thrilled to be able to capture this tiny bundle of joy (4 pounds!) in such a lovely space. Their home was lovingly restored, including all of the built-in dressers in every bedroom, dining room , living room, and even the couch is a built-in! Their love for a Scandinavian aesthetic makes this family a perfect example of a Mid-Century Modern family. Enjoy!