The Anatomy of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
February 28, 2014
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In college, my girlfriend Courtney would make late night grilled cheese sandwiches. Complete with spray butter and kraft singles and oh my god, they were good. Granted, anything would have been good after 6 cocktails at 2AM, but the grilled cheese sandwich is just such a staple. So today we're breaking down what it takes to whip up the PERFECT grilled cheese sandwich (spray butter not included!)
So there are obviously all of the necessary components: a melty cheese, a great bread and a bit of butter. But what about all of those little nuances that take a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich to that of epic proportions? Look no further my fellow cheese lovers. This is the only guide you'll ever need to create one perfect grilled cheese sandwich after another. Funny fact? My son ate three complete sandwiches as I was shooting this fun little adventure!
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