Flower Arranging Tips + Floral Pop Up Shop
February 26, 2014
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It's official, in my next life I'm going to be a florist. Think about it: I'm fairly certain it'd be impossible to have a bad day when surrounded by fragrant blooms 'round the clock. And with Sinclair & Moore sharing their secret tips on floral arranging? Well I'm just one step closer to that dream job. Captured by the beautiful  Katie Parra, there's a gallery filled with pretty that you mustn't miss.
From Katie... Steve and Jamie of Sinclair & Moore had the brilliant idea to do a flower pop up shop on Valentine's Day at Hot Cakes Chocolate Cakery in Ballard. Beautiful flowers plus chocolate cake is basically the best Valentines Day combo EVER!It was so heartwarming to see customers come back later in the day with their significant others to thank Steve and Jamie for their beautiful bouquets. A few rain drops in the morning couldn't stop the fun and later as the skies cleared more and more people stopped by for their custom bouquets. It was an incredibly lovely day and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it!
From Sinclair & Moore... Flowers bring happiness and joy to people, and cause them to smile. This is why we wanted to have a pop up flower shop for Valentine’s Day. This is also why I am convinced that every home should have fresh flowers from time to time. You can always grab a bouquet from a florist, but why not have some fun and create one for yourself!? Not only will you have something beautiful in your home, but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you created it with your own two hands.
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No. 1: Create a simple flower arranging tool kit to have on hand. Sharp floral sheers, scissors, waterproof floral tape and a rose thorn stripper are useful tools that can be purchased at any craft store.

No. 2: The key to a beautiful bouquet is using beautiful blooms. They can be tricky to find for a non-florist, so get to know your community and what is available. Organic grocery stores often have a beautiful selection. Many cities have a flower growers market that is open to the public after florist-only hours. The local farmers market will likely be full of beautiful blooms. You can always go directly to a florist and purchase individual flower stems. I often times will even go to a nursery and purchase plants and then cut them apart to add to my bouquets.

No. 3: As you shop for flowers, make sure you also purchase a variety of green foliage to accompany your blooms. Don’t be afraid to use bold and interesting textures. Consider adding fruit or vegetables to your arrangements. Unexpected elements will give your arrangements life and make it feel more unique.

No. 4: Hydrating your flowers is an important next step. Before starting to make a bouquet, give your flowers time to hydrate properly. When you bring your flowers home give the end of the flowers a fresh cut before putting them in fresh water. This helps your flowers intake the water, which will give longer life to your bouquet.

No. 5: Contrary to popular belief, don’t use cold water for your flowers! It will shock your blooms in the same way that your body would be shocked if you took a cold shower. Lukewarm water is best for most flower types.

No. 6: Whether you are building your bouquet in a vase or in your hand, start with a foundation of foliage and greens.

No. 7: Next add your larger focal point flowers.

No. 8: Continue to build your bouquet by adding whimsical textures, smaller flowers and more foliage. Finish it off with something wispy and draping that can spill over the side. This will add more drama and interest to the bouquet.

No. 9: Give yourself the freedom to explore shape and form. Nature is random and it is ok for your flower arrangements to reflect that. Avoid things looking too predictable and perfectly symmetrical. Try using odd numbers of flowers and vary the depths and height of your flowers.

No. 10: Have fun! Remember there are no rules to flower arranging. Don’t put pressure on yourself to create something you saw on a blog or Pinterest. Relax and feel the freedom to just create something you’ll love.