Bali Mini-Guide
February 20, 2014
A few years ago a girlfriend of mine packed her bags to vacation in Bali. What was supposed to be a two week-long journey quickly turned  into a two year jaunt. And while she was always the type to embark on these types of crazy adventures, I now get why we pretty much had to force her home. One peek at Love Is My Favorite Color's incredible photos, and it's taking all my effort not to pack my bags myself.
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WHERE TO GO? Nusa Lembongan - it's an amazing island

WHERE TO STAY? We stayed at the Komaneka Monkey Forest in Ubud - it was unreal!

WHAT TO EAT? When in Bali you must try the local dish, mie goreng - my personal favorite!

WHERE TO EAT? The most amazing meal my wife and I had was at the Le Pirate beach club. Truly the most amazing food in a magical place!

NOT TO MISS? Make sure to hire Bali Green Walks if you really want to see the real Bali with real amazing Bali people. They take you to places you would never dream to find by yourself!

MUST SEE? Nusa Lembongan island on a motorbike ride. It is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life.