Girls' Weekend Ideas & Tips
February 19, 2014
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Don't get me wrong, I adore my boyfriend to the moon and back, but there's just something about time with your closest girlfriends that simply can't be beat. And while I'm always down for a bottle of a wine and a massive catch-up sesh, Lindsay Gibson's idea of an entire girls' weekend reatreat has totally piqued my interest. Captured by the talented Jana Carson, there's more inspiration to be found right here.
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From Lindsay Gibson... I don't know about you, but sometimes life gets so busy that its hard to even resolve to make resolutions! Our group of friends determined that a girlfriends retreat could set them on the right path.

The friends devoted a weekend to sharing recipes, talking honestly and setting goals for themselves. On the chilly but beautiful weekend, the girls enjoyed Jennifer's lakeside home and hikes through the countryside. Maggie taught the girls two new recipes she'd developed that are both delicious and, in the case of the hot chocolate on a stick, great for cooking with kids. Cari designed a beautiful set of worksheets and led the friends through a goal setting session. The longer form is great for really digging in to what matters, while the short form is a great condensed version to keep hung on the fridge so that those goals stay close at hand and more likely kept!

These friends, like all of us, have families, work and a seemingly endless to do list. Time well spent with girlfriends has proven to be a great way to push the reset button on life. Retreating with friends at similar points in their lives can be relaxing and reaffirming, while slipping away with friends who've chosen different paths can be invigorating and inspiring. No matter who you choose to take a time out with, and no matter how hard it is to carve out that time... DO IT! You won't be sorry!

And if you do decide to embark on a weekend girls' retreat, you should take a stab at setting some goals as a team - it's empowering and wonderful and we're sharing each worksheet for you RIGHT here: daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals & yearly goals!


No. 1 - Girls' weekend at the spa: because who doesn't love a little pampering? Bonus points if you can find a local Scandinavian spa. Hot baths + relaxation rooms = pure and utter bliss.

No. 2 - Girls' cooking class getaway: made even better if you can't cook (serious laughs ensue)

No. 3 - Girls' ski trip: let's face it - the best part is hanging out at the chalet for some apres ski bevvies.

No. 4  - Girls' camping weekend: bring your wellies, some waterproof matches & a big ol' pitcher of sangria - I'm certain that's all you'll need

No. 5 - Girls' weekend in wine country! Because I can't think of ANYTHING better than your very best lady friends in a beautiful setting (plus, let's be honest: wine!)

Oh and before you go, you should probably keep in mind that we have one of those fabulous recipes coming up in moments. You'll definitely want to come back, I assure you!