DIY Valentine's Day Bouquet
February 10, 2014
United States
Flower DIYValentine's DayValentine's Day DIY
This next DIY project falls under the "why didn't I think of that?" category. A do-it-yourself Valentine's Day Bouquet? It's kind of brilliant! Not only is it easier on the wallet, the lady (or gent) in your life is guaranteed to be swept of their feet as a result of your craftiness. Not crafty you say? Have no fear, Pollen Floral Design and Zac Wolf Photography are here to share every last step.
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Red Amaryllis
Piano Garden Rose
Majolica Spray Rose
Red Cestrum
Gardenia Foliage
Leucothoe Foliage
Red Leucadendron
Sea Star Fern
Floral Tape
Various Ribbon

instructionsstep-1Prep your flowers: remove any leaves or thorns from the stem so they're ready to be used in your bouquet. Give them a fresh diagonal cut and let them soak in water for several hours before using them.

step-2Set out all your flowers in vases or a bucket so you have easy access to your stems.

step-3Start by making a small cluster of flowers. I like variety in my bouquets, so I usually start with a focal flower (in this bouquet, garden roses, amaryllis and anemone) and add in some smaller flowers (ranunculus, spray rose) and filler/greenery (bouvardia, gardenia foliage).

step-4Once you have your starting bunch, you continue to add flowers to fill out your bouquet. Try to turn the bouquet in your hand as you add so that you are building it all the way around and not just in the front. Continue turning and adding flowers until you reach your desired size.

step-5When you are satisfied with your bouquet, wrap the floral tape securely around your stems several times.

step-6Tie on your ribbon wrap so it covers the floral tape.

step-7Hold the stems together and make a clean, straight cut about 8-12 inches long. Spritz the bouquet with a floral finisher (such as Crowning Glory) and put it in water until you are ready to use your bouquet. If you are leaving it overnight, put it in your refrigerator so that the life of the flowers will be preserved.