Rainbow Loom Valentine Bracelets
February 9, 2014
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Most of you youngens might not have heard of this rainbow loom insanity. The latest trend in all things 5-12 year olds. So trendy in fact, that I think the trend might be over. This Valentine's Day, we figured we would put these little darlings to good use with a little heart day spin. Add a note to the bracelet that says "I would KNOT be the same without you" and you turned a trend, into a total keepsake.
Materials$14.99 Rainbow Loom
$2.99 Red Rainbow Loom bands
$2.99 Pink Rainbow Loom bands
$2.99 White Rainbow Loom bands
$4.93 White cardstock

“Our class would knot be the same without you” tags

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $28.89
Cost per valentine: $1.44

step-1Make bracelets on the rainbow loom using pink, red, & white colored bands in your choice of style. We made fishtail bracelets. Not sure how to to do it? Check out this video.

step-2Download the tags and print onto white cardstock. Cut out the tags along the gray lines and punch a hole in each tag.

step-3Push a band through the hole in the tag, then pull one side of the band through the other side and tug to tighten. Loop the open side of the band around the bracelet. Repeat until each bracelet has a tag.