"Wild About You" Valentines
February 8, 2014
GiftsValentine's DayKids DIY
Remember those little pill things that you drop into water and they magically transform into a sponge? Well. They still have them. And kids still think they are super cool. We found some safari varieties and tucked them into a little envelope that says "I'm Wild About You." I know. It's just too much.
Materials$9.97 12 packs of magic safari animal growing capsules
$3.29 White paper treat bags
$2.99 Baker’s twine
$3.99 Red glitter tape
$4.93 White cardstock
Hole punch
“Wild About You” tags
Instruction cards

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $25.17
Cost per valentine: $1.26

step-1Download the “Wild About You” tags and instruction cards and print onto white cardstock. Cut out each tag and card along the gray lines. Punch a hole in each tag.

step-2Place 4 magic animal capsules and an instruction card in each white treat bag.

step-3Fold down the open edge of the treat bag, place a “Wild About You” tag on top, and tape closed with two pieces of red glitter tape.