Valentine Coloring Cards
February 8, 2014
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If you've ever spent any time with a four or five year old little girl. You know that they color. For hours. My daughter took one look at these custom Valentine's Day coloring cards and promptly went to work - all while begging to give them to her friends. So they got the Audrey seal of approval and my bet is that they will get your little one's as well!
Materials$5.16 Crayons
$5.77 Spray adhesive
$2.99 Red stripe washi tape
$4.93 White cardstock
White copy paper
Crayon wrappers
Coloring cards (set 1)
Coloring cards (set 2)

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $18.85
Cost per valentine: $0.94

step-1Peel the original wrappers off the crayons. Download and print out the crayon wrappers on white copy paper and cut out the wrappers. Spray a light coat of spray adhesive to the backside of the wrapper and gently press onto the crayon. Repeat until you have 3 wrapped crayons for each card.

step-2Download the coloring cards and print out onto white cardstock. Cut out along the gray lines.

step-3Attach the crayons to the cards with a strip of striped washi tape.