"You Rule" Ruler Valentines
February 8, 2014
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Sometimes, it's the simplest ideas that leave the longest lasting impression. And how freaking adorable are these "You Rule" Ruler Valentine Cards! We just dusted the rulers with a bit of pink watercolor and transformed a boring school must-have into something so sweet.
Materials$9.20 Wooden rulers
$3.97 Red & white acrylic paint
$0.77 Foam brush 
$2.99 Baker’s twine
$4.93 White cardstock
Hole punch
“You Rule” tags

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $21.86
Cost per valentine: $1.09

step-1Download the “You Rule” tags and print onto white cardstock. Cut out along the gray lines and punch a hole in each tag.

step-2Place ⅓ of the rulers on a sheet of paper towel. Mix a little red and white paint in cup with a little bit of water until you get a nice thin pink shade. Use the foam brush to paint a thin layer of pink on the rulers. Let dry 30 minutes.

step-3Flip the rulers over and paint the back and sides pink. Let dry 30 minutes.

step-4Repeat steps 2-3 to paint the remaining rulers a thin shade of red and white.

step-5Wrap several rounds of baker’s twine around one end of the ruler and tie on a “You Rule” tag.