Heart Puzzle Valentines
February 6, 2014
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We're always on the hunt for candy free Valentine's that our little ones can bring to school. Or that we can make for our friends and tuck into their mailboxes to find on a whim. First we shared the Magnet "Stuck on You" Valentines and now, we're talking puzzles. Little handmade pieces of Valentine's goodness that everyone - no matter how old or young - will love.
Materials$21.20 8 sets of (24) 1” Wood tiles
$9.32 Iron transfer paper
$4.99 Red dot paper bags
$2.99 Baker’s twine
$4.93 White cardstock
Hole punch
Masking tape
Exacto knife or razor blade
Puzzle template
“You’ve got a piece of my heart” tags

Cost for 20 valentines (not including tools): $43.43
Cost per valentine: $2.17

step-1Download the puzzle template and print onto iron transfer paper. Cut out along the edge of the square.

step-2Place 9 wood tiles in a square shape. Once they are in place, use masking tape to tape each row of the grid together. Flip the square over so the tape is on the bottom.

step-3Place the puzzle template face down on the wood tile square. Place a hot iron (no steam!) on the template and leave for 1 minute. Do not move the iron once it is placed, the template moves easily and it will smudge the image. Lift up the iron and let the template cool to room temperature.

step-4Gently peel off the template backing. If the template did not attach in some spots, just press it back down and let it sit under the iron for a few more seconds.

step-5Run the exacto knife between each tile to separate them. Remove the tape from the backside of the tiles. Place the tiles in the treat bag and fold down the open edge. Repeat steps 2-5 for each remaining puzzle.

step-6Download the tag template and print onto white cardstock. Cut out along the gray lines and punch a hole in each tag. Wrap the treat bag in baker’s twine and tie a tag to each package.