How To Create a Watercolor Floral Arrangement
January 29, 2014
I'm not one to complain about New England winters, as it's all I've ever known, but lately, I find myself craving spring. Big time. So I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and bring Spring into my home. The results? They're absolutely beautiful. And just in case you're feeling the winter blues as well, I decided to show you how you too can do the same!
MaterialsFirst you'll want to choose flowers that look like that came right out of a watercolor painting. For this arrangement I used:

Light and dark purple Clematis
Light purple sweet peas
Peach colored ranunculus
Queen anne's lace
Foliage from my backyard

instructionsstep-1Prep your flowers by giving each stem a fresh cut at a 45 degree angle and removing all leaves that fall below the waterline. Remember, that leaves in the water create bacteria shortening the life of your arrangement.

I started by placing the foliage in the vessel to anchor the arrangement. The foliage is a good base.

step-3 Then added a few of the bigger blooms, in the case the larger queen anne's lace and ranunculus. Once I felt the arrangement was taking on the shape that I liked, I started filling in using the sweet pea and clematis.

step-4And there you have it, and watercolor inspired arrangement that will brighten your cold winter days.