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January 28, 2014
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My adoration for all-white homes has been well documented on my personal blog, but I don't believe I've ever had the chance to wax poetic about how they make me feel over here. As far as I'm concerned, Nordic design can do absolutely no wrong, and this Swedish beauty is a perfect example. Designed, styled and photographed by Therese Winberg, she's like a triple threat! Oh, and there's more right here.
From Therese  ... Welcome to our home, an apartment from the 1900's located in central Stockholm. We renovated it last year to shoot it for swedish magazine, Plaza Interior. I work as a wedding photographer and set designer and my husband Oskar-Ture is a project manager for a web agency.
When it came to our renovation, the most important aspect for us was to create a comfortable place for us to simply hang out in. This led us to build an open floor plan with a huge, communal kitchen.
We painted everything in the same super matted color in a light grey color, from the ceiling , moldings and walls. It made the home very consistent which we love. It felt important to create a home for us to really truly live in and grow in. We kept this in mind while choosing finishes. Our countertop is concrete, which will patina as they age, adding another layer of character.
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Similarly, the kitchen floor and dining table will become even more beautiful as they age. The floor in the kitchen is a favorite, we painted the wood floors by hand. First, we drew up the floor with a pencil and then began the "Big Tape Festival". As a wedding photographer myself, it felt very natural to give our wedding photos a great display on the walls around the tv. I hope you enjoy!