DIY Newspaper Party Pom Poms
January 27, 2014
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What's a good Anti-Super Bowl party without a good Pom Pom. One that you can waive at your friends for taking champagne jello shots or that you can use when your favorite half time performer manages 6 different costume changes! These are a cinch to make - seriously taking less than 15 minutes - and are too stinking cute for words.
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1 section of newspaper (like the sports section!)
colored masking tape
paper straws or white dowel rods


Cut your section at the seams to make sure that each page is on it's own and doesn't have a fold. Turn your stack of papers upside down. Cut 1/2" strips, leaving about 3" at the bottom that are uncut.


When all of your paper has been cut, start at one side and roll the stack tightly, leaving a small space in the center so that you can insert your straw or dowel. You can try rolling the paper around your dowel but it's tough and usually ends up with a funky roll making it hard to tape.


After you've rolled your paper, insert your straw or dowel into the center of the base about 2". Dowels will hold more paper but straws are cute! Hold your paper and your straw tightly as you wind masking tape around the bottom inch of paper and onto the straw. Squeeze the paper and the tape to make sure that everything is tightly secured.

Turn to your friends and do a cheer!