Anti-Super Bowl Party
January 27, 2014
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My husband is a die hard Pats fan. And since they didn't make the cut this year, he's swearing off football. So instead of watching the game, we're hosting an Anti-Super Bowl Party. Where football plays subtly in the background (quiet enough to hear the tunes but loud enough so that we know when the good commercials come on) and the guests get to down champagne shooters and feast on tiny tiny food.
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Cute, right? I sort of think this little anti-super bowl super bowl party is one of my new favorite party themes of all time. But I'm a sucker for all things pink. Throw in some gold and some glitter and well, it's basically all over. So we are breaking every little recipe, detail and steal-worthy idea down for you throughout the day but here's a general look at what we did...


There is no reason to double dip and get all kinds of food in your teeth when you can harken your inner Peter Callahan and miniaturize your favorite game day food! We did 3 bite tacos with avocado cream sauce, 3 bite smoked cheddar burgers, 3 bite pulled pork & biscuits, 3 bite little layer cakes, cheesecakes and some popcorn. Oh and mini fries to tie it all together. All of our favorites, shrunk down to ensure there is nary a lipstick smear in the house.


We loved the idea of making jello shots like back in the day. But they had to be cute and fit our theme! So we made champagne pineapple jello shots and chilled them (with foam!) in teeny tiny beer mugs. Does it get any cuter than this?


We started with fun, game day inspired ticket invitations. We were thinking 2 so that our guests would feel free to bring a +one. We whipped these up in Adobe Illustrator just following a million varieties we saw on Pinterest. We envisioned our guests playing a mean game of Rate the Commercial with  score cards that say things like "Boom, Nailed It," or "I'm Leaving." All girls? Maybe a little Rate the Player instead of Rate the Commercial is in order. And if you're still at a loss for what to do? Tackle a game of Super Bowl Bingo like we did last year.


We made DIY Newspaper Pom Poms, using the sports section of course. We had tiny yard line popcorn baskets for each guest. And we decked the day out in glitter and sparkle and everything that is SO not football.

Coming up next...all of the 3 bite recipes a girl could EVER want!

Small Beer Mugs: Libbey Craft via Amazon | Paper Straws: Michaels | Lucite Trays: Amazon | Cone French Fry Holders: Peter Callahan Gifted | Teal Cake Stand: Sarah's Stands | Popcorn Containers: Cute Kids Food Box