Peru Travel Diary
January 23, 2014
Having just returned from an incredible two weeks in South Africa, you'd think my wanderlust could take a break. And I suppose it did, for a moment. And then I stumbled upon Ava Do's photos from Peru and all at once that familiar tug to go. do. see. has come rolling in. But since travel isn't in the cards for a while, I'll sustain myself on living vicariously through this vibrant collection of lovely.
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From Ava... This place inspires me to think only in verses, a rare kind of dreamscape where poets are born. A mystery crafted in the clouds by the ancient Incas and eternally anchored to Earth's navel. Where no ordinary social armor lives, a place where your soul looks you in the eyes, where you let go of old loves and identifies a new one, within.

This is Peru and Machu Picchu, a place that has lived in my bucket list for most of my life, but nothing could have prepared me for the kind of beauty that exists within this piece of living history. The physical grace of the country and the lost city is stunning enough to take your breath away, but there is also a transformative power that overcomes you, that leaves you a changed person once you've been a visitor. I am thankful that I was lucky to be one.

My Peruvian Highlights:

1. Lima: La Rosa Nautica, a restaurant perched on a gorgeous dock on Peru's Gold Coast. Order the ceviche mixto (perfected with Lima's abundance of fresh seafood).

2. Cusco: Visit the Pisac market for hand-woven alpaca sweaters and have a cup of cocoa tea at the Blue Llama Cafe.

3. Sacred Valley: Stay at The Aranwa Sacred Valley Resort for a gorgeous Garden of Eden experience on Earth, topped with wandering llamas and peacocks right outside your doorstep.

4. Machu Picchu Town / Aguas Calientes: Check in at InkaTerra Hotel next to the River to support a hotel that leads in eco-tourism, take their bird-watching and rare orchids tour in the morning and enjoy the Andean sauna in the afternoon.