Vintage Inspired Luncheon
January 21, 2014
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They say that inspiration comes from everywhere. From a pretty painting or a scrap of fabric to an amazing meal or a great outfit. They say that at least. But when we actually get to see a dinner party inspired by a single moment - designed by white+white weddings and events - well, it makes our heart swell to know that the sentiment is in fact, very very true.
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From white+white weddings and events...It sounds crazy, but our entire concept was based around a plate. Yes, a plate. Not just any plate though, this was old, worn and partly cracked but divine none the less. A striking royal blue floral pattern blended with a delicate cream to give just the right amount of antique perfection. Found on a lazy Saturday meandering through a Brisbane market from The Traveling Wares Caravan, they were to be our starting point for a relaxed yet decadent luncheon at Pearl Cafe, Woolloongabba. To really make things interesting, we combined the moody vibe of Pearl Cafe with it's peeling walls and distressed urban surfaces with the prettiness of a French château. Cut crystal glassware and ornate silver cutlery sat elegantly on the polished steel dinner table, with crushed linen accents warming up the palette to give a decadent yet informal look. The royal blue colour featured on the plates added punch and vibrancy, with full and bouncy hydrangeas adding a feminine prettiness that held its own in such a masculine setting.