Makeover Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps+ TODAY SHOW
January 16, 2014
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It turns out that 2014 is off to a fantastic start as we've been invited back to the Today Show once more (checkout our other appearances here and here) to chat about quick-and-easy-kitchen-makeovers, and we thought we'd break it all down for you right here. From marbled contact paper to mismatched plate installations, this is as cute and as inexpensive as it gets!

Tip No. 1// Framed Prints. Adding a few beautiful prints will instantly brighten your space. Whether you print out the free ones we have here on SMP (here's a cute seasonal produce graphic , a pretty guide to setting a great table, print out a cute recipe, or use our free botanical print!) In addition, you cut out pretty images from a favorite calendar (like we did here), or make your own artwork (right here!) Updating your gallery as your mood strikes is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to draw attention away from the not-so-cute kitchen moments.

Design Tip: We love art that has a greater story. Photos of you and your little ones cooking (like pop tarts or whoopie pie cookies), framed recipes (like this!) or cute reminders on seasonal produce, having art with a purpose makes it all the more meaningful.


Tip No. 2 // Creative Backsplashes. Did you know that you can actually buy Marble Contact Paper? Yep, you can. We've used it on our DIY Side Table and we often use it as a backdrop to shoot recipes because of it's durability and beauty. So what better place for some faux marble than on your backsplash? It wipes clean easily, doesn't hold on to stains and can be replaced for just a few dollars!

Design Tip: There are so many clever ways to use contact paper when it comes to backsplashes. Try a chevron pattern shown here or just go balls to the wall with a gorgeous gold inspired palette. 


Tip No. 3 // Paint it. Sometimes, all you need is a good hearty helping of paint. Whether you are dousing your blah dining chairs in a fabulous mint green, dipping your table legs in gold, or you're going big and painting your cabinets, this is the single most impactful way to change your space on a budget.

Design Tip: Chalk Paint is an incredible product for amateur painters. It goes on smooth, is low maintainance, wears well, usually only takes one coat and you can actually really play around with antiquing and other applications. Plus the finish is so beautiful, you'd think a pro did it. 


Tip No. 4 // Plates on the wall! Simple, beautiful, so flirty and fun. Plate + Kitchens are like peanut butter and jelly. My favorite composition is to see all white plates on a dark background but bright colorful options like we showed on Today are also such a cute approach.

Design Tip: We don't really love the old school plate hangers that many people use to hang their plate art. Instead, try using these plate backings or for a DIY approach, use gorilla glue to adhere a photo bracket to the back of your plate then hang it with a simple nail. 


Tip No. 5 // Table Accessories. You don't need to set your table every day, but even the act of pulling out pretty plates and linen napkins, perhaps a pitcher or a handful of silverware will give life to your space.

Design Tip: Having all white dishes as your foundation is a must. At least for us it is. Because that way you can layer on all of that fun, colorful goodness in your smaller salad plates and dessert plates that can be changed up over time. 


In addition, if you tuned in to the show, you may have noticed we DIY'd an adorable paper towel dispenser! If DIY isn't your thing, you could always purchase this bad boy. If not, stay tuned as the full step by step breakdown will be all yours in the coming days!

There you have it! You're now well on your way to a sweet and simple kitchen with minimal effort (and on a serious budget!)


Chair: Vintage, DIY'd | Plate Hangers: The Container Store | Linen Napkins: Anthropologie | Marble Contact Paper: Lowes | Prints: Bunny - Ikea, Turquoise Circle - Ikea, Floral - Ikea, Marbled - West Elm | Pitcher: Anthropologie | Latte Bowls: Anthropologie | Juice Glasses: Anthropologie | Plates: Yellow + Birds - Anthropologie, Teal - Anthropologie, Owl - Anthropologie, Floral - Anthropologie, Yellow Chevron - Zazzle | Flatware: West Elm