Classic Chic Home in Chicago
January 16, 2014
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This is my favorite home tour to date. And I'm not sure whether it's the cheetah print chairs, that gorgeous wood side table, the insanely dive-in-able bed or the little girls bedroom that make my heart the happiest. But I do know that the talented homeowner, Winnie, and Christine of Bijou and Boheme are pure design geniuses. And the lovely Yazy Jo has captured it to utter perfection.
From Winnie... Since we built our house from scratch, we really had the freedom to create our dream house. I have a huge family and we love to entertain so we knew we wanted our house to have an open floor plan. My idea of a perfect house has certainly changed throughout the years.
My vision for our home was to feel inviting, timeless and collected. I wanted to have unique pieces throughout the house and I think I've created that through my love of antiques. I think that the one thing I learned from working with Christine is to never look at something at face value. Things can always be painted, reupholstered, and repurposed. I have absolutely adopted that philosophy in my design now. I've reupholstered so many chairs, benches, cushions in this house. It's like an addiction but of the best kind!
With two young children, we knew we wanted it to be kid friendly. But we also didn't want that to control the design either. It definitely needed to be a compromise. I love antiquing, thrifting, flea markets. I knew I wanted to incorporate those elements in our house. I also wanted to have some modern elements with crisp white walls. It's so serene to me.
Upon first glance, our house may not appear to be kid friendly with all our white walls and white furniture. Believe me when I say that no room is off limits to our kids. We did not want a formal house. We wanted a house to be a home - inviting, warm and cozy. One in which we wanted to spend lots of time in with our friends, family and each other.
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Working with Christine was an amazing journey.  She helped design our family room and my daughter's bedroom but she has certainly influenced my design choices in the entire house. She definitely pushed us out of our comfort zones and gave me the shove I needed to bite the bullet and make purchases I've always wanted but never had the guts to do.  It's hard to pick my one favorite purchase but it may be the antique French daybed in our family room.  I've always been drawn to them but just didn't think I could handle it with young kids.  But I adore it!  So do the kids!  It's the one piece of furniture in the house that everyone fights over to sit on, read, watch tv, cuddle.  It was definitely worth the splurge, too.