How to Sculpt Sugar Flowers
January 15, 2014
Girls. We're about to get our sculpt on. Yeah, I said it. Because the amazingly talented Emily of Lael Cakes is sharing tips from her latest Sugar Sculpting Workshop complete with a totally doable Sugar Dogwood Flower tutorials. And pretty pictures from Lauren Volo. AND a recipe for sugar paste (or you can just cheat and buy it like I'm going to).


Water, Pliers, Brown Floral Wire, Pink & Green Sugar Paste (recipe below)

1) Roll green sugar paste into a pea shaped ball.

2) Bend brown floral wire into a small hook.
3) Dip end of the wire into water. Place ball of sugar paste on to the hooked end. Pinch end of sugar ball to taper the end.

4) Cut a dogwood flower out of thinly rolled pink sugar paste. Place on the palm of your hand and thin out edges with a ball tool.
5) Dip end of wire in water and poke through the middle of the flower until the center is flush with the flower.

6) Place flower in styrofoam upside down, letting it dry for at least 48 hours.
7) Brush edges of flower and center with darker pink and green hues to create depth. I like to use natural fruit and vegetable powders, but petal dusts work just as well.
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8) Accent on a dessert or give to your sweetie! Sugar flowers are very delicate, so handle with care. For storing keep in an air tight container in a cool environment.

*Great Resource for Supplies & Paste: Global Sugar Art | Plant Derived Dyes: Edible Finger Paint via Amazon
Sugar Paste
Prep Time
30 Minutes
Cook Time
Total Time
30 Minutes
1 pound organic powdered sugar 1 Tablespoon and ½ teaspoon gum tragacanth (obtained from the sap of middle eastern root)
¼ to 1/3 cup cold water 1 ½ teaspoon agar agar or gelatin
1 Tablespoon shortening 3 Tablespoons glucose
Combine sugar and gum tragacanth in a large mixer bowl.
Soften gelatin in the cold water in a heatproof glass container. Allow this to stand for 5-15 minutes.
Melt shortening and cool a bit.
To dissolve agar agar or gelatin, place glass container with gelatin water mixture in hot water. Stir slightly until mixture becomes clear. It starts out looking like frosted glass and gradually melts to clear. This takes about 1minute and a half. Be careful not to overheat.
Remove container from water; stir in glucose and shortening.
Combine powdered sugar and gum tragacanth in a large mixing bowl. Add liquid mixture. Mix to combine. At first the mixture will be very soft, beat on medium speed about 5 minutes. The mixture will stiffen up. A plastic scraper helps remove the sticky mixture. The mixture will look like a big marshmallow. If you have used the full amount of water, the mixture will be soft, and likewise the mixture will be firmer with the minimum water added.
Place on a greased surface and knead until the sugar paste comes together.
Store in an air tight container.