Bedroom Design Tips from The Novogratz
January 13, 2014
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Cortney and Bob Novagratz have let us in to their best kept secrets on designing Living Rooms & Kitchens and now their tackling the place where the magic happens. Or in my case, the place where I work, eat, catch up on the housewives, have business meetings and um, well, I'm not telling you what else.
SMP: One splurge-worthy bedroom item?

NOVOGRATZ: Quality sheets!
SMP: Where do you usually shop for bedroom related furniture and accessories?


SMP: How do you maintain the elegance within a room all while infusing brightly colored elements? You guys seem to have mastered this!

NOVOGRATZ: Throw pillows and art always add a pop of color - your bed linens, drapes, and paint colors should be calming.

SMP: What’s the biggest design mistake people tend to make in their bedroom?

NOVOGRATZ: Oversize furniture or too much furniture, in general. Also matching end tables and matching lamps - mix it up a bit!
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Matthew Williams for the Novogratz


1. Throw pillows for the bed can be a mix of fabrics, textures and patterns with a similar colorway, like three shades of pink.
2. If you want to use wallpaper - the "bed" wall can be your one feature wall. It saves money and makes a big statement.
3. You can have an antique bed with a modern dresser or vice versa, it's fun to mix it up. The days of "bedroom" collection are over.
4. A fun odd chair brings a sense of humor to every bedroom - so go hunting.
5. Keep the bed neutral, let the pillows, wall and art bring in the color.