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Bathroom Design Tips from The Novogratz
January 10, 2014
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So we've covered all things Living Room and Kitchen design with our favourite power couple, the Novogratz. And now it's time to set our sights on the one room in the house that always seems to fall on the back burner. And yet that we spend so much time in, generally staring at the walls (thus, shouldn't they be pretty?) The bathroom!
SMP: One splurge-worthy bathroom item?
The Novogratz: A beautiful light fixture (sweet chandelier) or splurge on nice towels!
SMP: I don’t know about you, but my bathroom is TINY and I’m always looking for creative storage solutions. What do you usually recommend?
The Novogratz: Mirrors for shelves which make the space seem larger. That way you can also store pretty items.
SMP: Any tips on personalizing a bathroom in a rental home?
The Novogratz: Paint the ceiling a fun color or change the knobs on your vanity to something fun and not generic.
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SMP: Fill in the blank: every bathroom MUST have...
The Novogratz: A fantastic mirror and loads of toilet paper!


1. Tiles don't have to be expensive. White tiles for the bathroom always look clean and classic and can be super affordable.
2. Keep storage open for easy access - like towels etc. Open shelves can look chic.
3. Novogratz love a pop of color - it can be on the ceiling, on the glass divider, as long as you brighten your time in the bathroom
4. Lush towels make your bathroom feel spa-like. Treat yourself
5. Don't forget to put something old/ vintage/ antique to bring the soul even to your bathroom!


Photography: Matthew Williams for The Novogratz | Design: The Novogratz