Bright & Beautiful Nursery
January 10, 2014
I've yet to reach the baby stage in life, but there's no question that these nursery tours are doing a number on me. Though I've never been one to rush through life, I truly can't wait to have a little bundle of joy of my own. Especially if said bundle is half as sweet as baby Sophia. And her nursery? It's bright, fun and pretty much everything you'd ever want. Captured by Amanda Hein, there's more in the gallery! 
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From the momma, Carolyn... When we found out we were expecting a little girl to join our family at the end of the summer I could not wait to start creating a cozy, whimsical nursery for her to spend her first few years in. The lovely Kate Spain fabric we used for the crib bedding was the perfect inspiration to get started! I am lucky to have spent the last few years surrounded by beautiful flowers at Hello Darling, so it made sense that they would be a focal part of our little girls' nursery. The crib bedding and gorgeous lily of the valley photography by Natalie Walsh were just the right floral touches to go along with the clean white furniture, and colorful accents throughout the space.

We were so excited to have Amanda come document this fleeting moment in our tiny girl's life. She did such an incredible job of capturing the peacefulness of being a newborn, and we look back at the photos and cannot believe how quickly she has already grown!