Peek Inside this Steal-Worthy Los Angeles Home + Dream Backyard!
January 9, 2014
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I always had an inkling that the brain child behind the wildly popular Plum Pretty Sugar had a gorgeous home, but when we were invited to take a peek I was blown away. Charlotte Hale's digs, filled to the brim with all things light and airy, is truly a dream come true. There were so many stunning photos I struggled to narrow them down, so I urge you to peek at the full gallery (our man Bryce Covey rocked this one!)
SMP: Can you share the inspiration behind decorating your home?

It’s difficult to pinpoint but I think there are definitely some reflections of my love of the beach, my passion for the color “white” as well as the subconscious idea that the home I grew up in was decorated in blue tones. I also love all things feminine and French things too! But really I wanted to create something that was beautiful but also allowed for family coziness.
SMP: Feminine and French… tell us how you balanced that?

I have a tendency to err on all things feminine and it was often a struggle for me to incorporate a softness into a home that housed a husband and two boys. I tried to limit floral patterns and instead bring in fresh flowers. I also incorporated soft colors that blended and flowed easily in lieu of a more mix and match and less tonal, more masculine color palette. I also used smaller-sized patterns from the chest in the California room to the pillow selections that bring the femininity through but without being “girly.” 
SMP: What is unusual about your home?

Our furniture is really big! It’s funny when I shop for furniture I don’t think about if it fits. By that I mean, if it fits my person. I just think about if it works for the space. But I quickly realized, my husband does. Fitting and being comfortable in a chair is very important to a 6 foot 5 man as compared to little me! Between the size component and not truly finding the style and fabrics I preferred, we ended up having many of the furniture pieces custom made. The dining room table and chairs, the kitchen stools, the casual dining table, the chairs in the family room are all custom pieces.
SMP: What about your passion for “white’?

White is my favorite color. I think placed in the right areas it brings a freshness and a crisp feeling to anything really. We used white marble in the kitchen both on the island and in the backsplash. The cabinetry is also white however in some places I topped it with wood or granite to create a “pop.” My husband teases me that I’d have an all-white home if it weren’t for him, the boys and the dogs! But its not true… I’d have colorful flowers too!
What is your favorite room?
I like what we call the “rumpus” room. It is a words my husband’s grandmother used to describe the media room. It’s a room I didn’t predict we use so frequently and as a result there is a lot less going on in there. A very large blue sofa and a coffee table essentially. But it allows our family to gather and just enjoy.
SMP: You mix and match often. How did you make it work?

Mixing and matching is something that comes so easy to me for Plum Pretty Sugar. In apparel and things we can wear, it is easier to try on and imagine and live with perse. With furniture and finishes, it isn’t and I had trouble initially! I enlisted help! I learned that not all the wood finishes had to match, the metals didn’t have to be all silver or all gold and that the finishes didn’t have to be exact. Just the opposite. I learned that mixing and matching is actually what give homes a custom and layered feeling. 
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SMP: What are your favorite details of your home?

I love the bench in the gallery hallway. It is also a custom piece. I also love the artwork that flanks both sides of the California room. They are beautiful prints of “eggs.”

SMP: What is sentimental about your home:

The bronze horse in the family room represents my husband and my father-in-law. My husband grew up with race horses as a backdrop. The H also in the family room was given to me at a bridal shower to represent my new last name. Our son’s nursery. Thinking about the time I spent creating it and imaging him in it… day-dreaming about what he’d be like. Selecting the art, the light fixture, the crib and wondering if it would match his little personality.

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Photography: Bryce Covey Photography | Home Tour: Charlotte Hale of Plum Pretty Sugar