DIY Winter Terarrium
January 7, 2014
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Confession: up until a few months ago, I thought these were called teraniums. I know. Total blogger fail. Especially because these little globes of lovely are ALL the rage throughout internet land. And lucky for all of us, Pollen Floral Design and Cambria Grace Photography are here today sharing a wee little guide to a wintry version of your very own! Ps - there's more pretty photos right here.
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hanging glass globe
various winter greens (think pine, cedar, fir)
pine cones
air plant

directionsstep-1This DIY is so simple and sweet it almost doesn't need steps. I first collected a bunch of winter greens and arranged them haphazardly into the glass opening.

step-2Next, tuck in your air plant. Air plants are wonderful because they're so easy to care for. Just a spritz of water every week and they'll live on until you go on vacation and forget about them!!

Note: the winter greens will dry well and when spring comes around you can change them out for something more seasonal! And if you're too busy to make one yourself, you can totally purchase them from my online site.