Designing a Living Room with The Novogratz
January 3, 2014
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It's no secret, we're enormous Novogratz fans here at SMP. It started with Bravo's 9byDesign but has since spiraled into so much more thanks for their unfiltered advice on how we can mimic their own genius style and taste. Not to mention the fact that they do it all while juggling oh, SEVEN, kids. So today, we're picking their brains about the one place that family stays and plays. The living room.
SMP: Many people desperately need help with designing a room around their television. Any tips or tricks?

THE NOVOGRATZ: Keep it honest - there are great credenzas to be had or find an antique chest. It does not always need to be an oversized "entertainment center" and you don't need to hide it. Keep it honest.
SMP: Any trends you guys wouldn’t mind seeing disappear?

SMP: You guys have become notorious for embracing the “spunk” when it comes to design. How do you infuse this personality so effortlessly into your spaces?

THE NOVOGRATZ: When shopping for your home whether it's from a flea market, tag sale, chain store or high-end showroom - buy what you love, shop with your gut, if you love it, it will always work in your home. What's more important is that your home reflects who you are and the people you share it with.
SMP: What’s one design decision that could make or break your living room décor?

THE NOVOGRATZ:  The size of your sofa.
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1. Let your rug be the anchor.
2. Ask yourself the style sofa you want and then go for it.
3. Mix different patterns in your fabric and have fun. The color doesn't always just have to be in the throw pillows.
4. Since we are a family of nine, I always make sure there's enough seating!
5. The living room is where everyone gathers for TV, games, and conversation so make it comfy, casual and cool.


Photographs by Matthew Williams for the Novogratz