5 Wardrobe Essentials from Devon Rachel
January 2, 2014
You may already recognize the sweet Devon Rachel as she's taken over Style Me Pretty as our first ever blogger bride (woot!) But did you know that she also has style for miles? The girl is unstoppable, I swear to you! And today she's sharing five of her absolute must-have fashion items with each and every one of us. You know I'll be taking notes.

Fabulous pair of Boyfriend Jeans: Every girl needs a great pair of boyfriend jeans. They can be hard to find (much like a good bf) but it’s so worth the wait/search once you land your dream pair.
A Black Blazer:  Never underestimate the power of a high quality, well-tailored black blazer: it will never go out of style and screams, “I mean business and by the way I’m really, really chic”.
A classic (and chic) investment bag:  I’m a huge fan of high and low mixing—the ‘high’ aspect definitely refers to my handbags. A nice handbag is such a great investment! You’ll carry it for years (because it’ll actually hold up) and, hello—it carries your most prized possessions!

Black Aviators: Because why wouldn't you want to look like a rockstar? Aviators are the key to instant "cool girl" status.
Delicate gold name necklace: A dainty gold name necklace is the perfect canvas for layering. I have my twitter handle (advertisement on the go, duh), and I wear it with everything from long chains to statement necklaces!