DIY Gold Leafed Coasters
December 30, 2013
You know you're fancy when your coasters match your party, and with this cute and crafty how-to, it's totally and completely possible. The sweet folks at Hello!Lucky  never fail to impress, but I'm thinking they've outdone themselves this time. Grab all the steps below!

Exacto knife
Cutting mat
McGill 1” circle cutter
McGill corner rounder
Gold spray paint
Gold leaf sheet
Sponge brush
Glue stick
Gold leaf satin sealer by old world antique

step-1Cut out 100 or so 1” circles out of printer/scratch paper

step-2Pull 2 pieces of 11”x 15” cardstock/ watercolor paper (anything thick). Grab your spray paint, circles, and paper and head outside. Scatter the dots randomly on the pages. They will move once you begin spraying, which will create a dusted light flare look. Repeat this step on the same page to create layered dots.

step-3Let dry and cut the page in 4” strips lengthwise using your exacto, a ruler, and cutting mat (this will allow for two 15” strips) now cut those strips into 4” squares- you should now have 6 squares per sheet.

step-4Glue patches onto each square, place gold leaf sheet on square, use sponge brush on top of protective clear sheet to smooth down. Remove clear sheet.

step-5Using sponge brush, lightly remove all excess gold leaf. Finish with sealer

step-6Using a corner rounder remove all 90 degree corners from your coasters.


Photographer: Blake Bronstad | Styling + Design: Hello!Lucky | Party in a Box: West Elm