11 Hangover Essentials
December 30, 2013
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Is anyone else mentally preparing for the upcoming NYE festivities like we are? Because it always seems like such a great idea to down 6 champagne cocktails while watching the ball drop right? But this year. This year, we're prepared. Because we've stocked up on these 11 essential hangover cures! And we use the term cure VERY lightly. But they are all cute and make us feel better nonetheless!
1. Mercy's restore ginger lemongrass bevvy: Vitamins, antioxidants, pretty much everything you totally depleted from your system last night.

2. Charlotte Olympia kitten sleep mask and slippers: Because a good night sleep is essential (and so is a mid-day cat nap).

3. Makeup For Ever, full cover concealer: For those under-eye bags (damn-you aging!).

4. A hot water bottle: I swear by these bad boys when my head is none-too-happy.

5. Sunglasses: Just in case the concealer isn't cutting it.

6. A cozy wrap: Naturally.

7. Cute Pajamas: Because if you're going to stay in them all day, they may help you feel a LITTLE better.

8. Coffee: Though technically it's a diuretic and isn't, scientifically speaking, supposed to help, I always feel infinitely better after a cup (or three). Load up on the jo!

9. Headache relief: An essential oil patch infused with goodies to help detoxify your body.

10. Macaron boxes: To store those ibuprofens in style while on the go.

11. An egg sandwich: This recipe is fab, and it's been proven that eggs do wonders for curing a hangover!