DIY Sweater Stockings
December 23, 2013
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Amidst all of the DIYs we've done, this one has very quickly risen is at the top of my list. I, personally, have been on the hunt for cute knit stockings for years now, and have yet to find anything that even remotely fits within my budget. It turns out, knit stockings are expensive! So, we made our own, and the results are kind of amazing!
MaterialsIvory sweaters from your attic, or a used clothing store like Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Savers*
Ivory yarn
Plastic yarn needle
Stocking template

step-1Download and print out the stocking template (it will take up 2 pages). Tape the pages together and cut out the stocking shape.

step-2Pin the stocking template on the sweater. Cut both layers of the sweater along the line of the template, then remove the template.

step-3Unfold the stocking shape and refold inside-out. Thread the yarn needle with yarn and tie a knot at the bottom.

step-4Sew along the cut edges of the stocking with the yarn and tie a knot when you reach the other end. Not sure how to do a basic hand stitch? Check out this video.

step-5Turn the stocking inside out and tie a loop of yarn to the top of the stocking so it can hang on the mantle. Repeat steps 2-5 for as many stockings as you’d like to make.

*Tip: Look for sweaters with knit cables, details, and texture for a really classic look. You can probably get 2 stockings out of a single adult women’s sweater.