DIY Christmas Ornaments
December 21, 2013
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When it comes time to deck the halls, there isn't much that beats decor of the homemade variety. And these DIY Christmas ornaments are kind of the bees knees. Whether you make them with your kids (yep, they're totally child friendly!), or after you've tucked them in for the night (for those perfectionists out there, I feel ya), these golden beauties are an absolute must.
MaterialsSnowflake cookie cutters
Ornament cookie cutters
White air dry model clay
Gold leaf 
Adhesive size
1 small paintbrush
1 foam brushes
Gold wire 
Pencil or chopstick
Rolling pin
Wax paper


step-1Roll out the clay onto the wax paper until it is a thin, even layer.

step-2Cut out ornament and snowflake shapes with the cookie cutters, and place on another sheet of wax paper to dry overnight. Press a pencil tip or chopstick into the top of the ornament to form a hole. Check on them every so often and flip over if the edges start to curl up, so that the ornaments dry flat.

step-3Paint patterns on the ornaments with the adhesive size and the small paintbrush. (You can draw them in pencil first if you like). Let dry until tacky, 10-15 minutes.

step-4Press on the gold leaf. Use the foam brush to press it flat and brush off any excess leaf. If you miss a spot you can just dab on a scrap of gold leaf.

step-5Loop some gold wire through the ornament and hang on the tree!
Materials1” styrofoam balls 
Wood toothpicks or short skewers
Hot glue gun & sticks
Gold spraypaint
Gold wire
Long needle


step-1Thread the wire through the needle, then push through the foam ball and tie a knot on both sides of the ball.

step-2Dab a bit of hot glue on the pointed end of your toothpick and insert into styrofoam ball. Work section by section, inserting toothpicks as close to each other as possible. Continue adding toothpicks to the ball until it is completely covered on all sides.

step-3Spraypaint the starburst gold on all sides.

step-4Hang the starburst on the tree, or even make a large one to be the tree topper!


Design, Styling + Photography: SMP Living