DIY Holiday Throw Pillows
December 19, 2013
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I am a pillow hoarder. My basement has one vacuum bag after another filled with throw pillows of living rooms past. But the ones that always stay at the top of the stack are my holiday pillows, that I swap out every year to bring my home into a full holiday circle. And these fluffy numbers? Well, not only are they completely adorable, they are also NO SEW(!) which places them firmly at the top of our Christmas wishlist.
A special thanks to the fabulous Little Black Book Member, Jenny Moloney, who snapped all of these pretty pictures of our pillow goodness. And for gifting me with a few of my favorite girl too!


Cricut gold glitter iron transfer paper 
Exacto knife
White throw pillow cover 
White throw pillow insert
Merry & Bright template
Let it snow template
White paint marker


Download and print out the templates. Layer the template with the glitter paper, template face-up on the bottom, then the glitter paper above, matte-side on top. Tape the papers together.

Hold the papers up to the window and trace the outline of the letters onto the glitter paper with the paint marker.

Remove the template from the glitter paper. Use the exacto knife to cut out each letter shape, being careful to just cut through one layer of the glitter paper (and leaving the clear backing intact). Peel off any glitter paper that is not part of the words.

Turn the glitter paper over and center on the pillow case. Cover paper with a dishtowel and iron the paper onto the cloth (making sure steam heat is turned off on the iron). Let cool slightly, then gently peel off the clear backing. Stuff with pillow insert and enjoy your new holiday pillow!


Styling + Design: SMP Living | Photography: Jenny Moloney Photography