DIY Christmas Bell Garland
December 19, 2013
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Who says Christmas garland has to be green and made of leaves? Nope, not us. This year, we ditched the standard garland fare and went straight to what we know best. All things gold and glittery. Enter, an adorable bell filled C'est Noel Garland that can be hung on fireplaces or empty walls alike. The kind that are just begging for a little holiday cheer. And guess what? It's sort of crazy easy too.
Brass floral wire
(3) packs of brass bells- 24 bells total
Air dry clay 
Wax paper
Gold spray paint
Tacks or thin nails
Wire cutters


Cut the wire into 6 strands that are several feet longer than the width of your mantle.

String the bells onto 5 of the strands of wire with about 12” between each bell, knotting the wire as you go. Some strands can have a different number of bells than others.

Take a small chunk of clay and roll out into a thin snake. Shape into the letter C and place on the wax paper to dry. Repeat with the remaining letters, let dry overnight.

Spray paint the letters gold on all sides and let dry.

Wrap wire around the top of each letter and leave about 4” of wire loose. Attach the letters to the last strand of wire by knotting the strand wire with the wire of the letter.

Hammer a tack or nail into the side of the mantle. Wrap the ends of the bell strands around each tack, keeping each strand in a graceful loop. Then hang the letter strand so the letters are in the center of the bell strands. Light a fire and enjoy your holiday mantle!


Styling + Design: SMP Living | Photography: Jenny Moloney Photography